How to establish your personal basic values

personal core values

How many of us live our lives always doing what is expected of us? We chose the typical way and we did what \”we should\” do instead of what truly, deeply, desire. Would not you prefer to live a satisfactory and rich life of your dreams in your own terms? Well, that’s where personal basic values \u200b\u200barrive.

Here, we discuss what personal basic values \u200b\u200bare and why they are so vital for their success. Then we give you some examples and explain how you can discover your own list of basic values \u200b\u200band live in alignment with those values.

What are personal basic values?

Personal basic values \u200b\u200bare their basic beliefs. They are the guiding principles of which you live your life. All of us have fundamental values \u200b\u200bthat are innate for us. While all have personal basic values, the thing is that we do not always know what they are. I knowHe needs true intentionality to discover these values \u200b\u200bas we develop and grow.

Why are basic values \u200b\u200bso important? Have?

What is the purpose of knowing their fundamental values? Think of them as guidelines for how they are shown in the world. Whenever you face a decision or an option, your main values \u200b\u200bshould help you guide you to the right decision. Just when living in alignment with your personal basic values, you can be faithful to yourself.

The identification of its personal basic values \u200b\u200band that is done to those values \u200b\u200bcan change your life. These are just some of the reasons why having personal basic values \u200b\u200bis so important:

1. Help you establish and achieve significant objectives

When you use your fundamental values \u200b\u200bto create objectives, it is Much more likely to achieve those objectives. Have you ever established a goal that failed beforeThat he did not even begin to move towards her (not all of us)? It is likely that the objectives were out of alignment with their fundamental values.

When their goals are aligned with what it really values, it is more likely to work towards them and make the necessary changes for say, they.

2. They give you a sense of compliance and satisfaction

If you live your life depending on what other people value, it will be difficult to be happy. We all know that the stressful feeling when we agree with something we really do not want to do, or the frustration that we feel when we do not talk about what we believe.

If you live according to your personal basic values, it will make decisions by yourself. More often than not, it will avoid those stressful circumstances, which will leave you complied with and content.

3. They give greater confidence in their decision making

Life can be overwhelming at times. MakeupWhat seems like a decision of Zillion every day. The fundamental values \u200b\u200bof it can reduce some of the stress and indecision that often accompany decision-making. If you know your values, it is much easier to make decisions because often only one option is in alignment with its values. And that is the one you should choose.

4. They make you realize what is important in life

We only have so many hours on a day. Sin fundamental values, you may have problems deciding where to pass that Time. But with a list of personal values, it is easier to understand what is really important for you, and, therefore, where to spend your time.

For example, if it values \u200b\u200bfamily relationships but not ambition, choosing to spend time. With your family it will always be more satisfying than spending your time climbing the corporate ladder.

5. Help them realize where to spend their money

Finally,Just as we only have a lot of time, we only have so much money to spend. Discuss your personal basic values \u200b\u200bmeans that you know what the greatest compliance will provide when it comes to spending money and its financial integrity.

For example, if one of your values \u200b\u200bis prestige, buying a designer bag could be enoughbodying. But if that is not one of your values, spending your money on something else (oo!) It will bring more satisfaction.

Example of a list of personal basic values \u200b\u200b

There is no established rule about how many personal basic values \u200b\u200byou should have. Ideally, you will have enough to cover all the facets of your complex myself, but not too much. You do not want to feel torn in too many directions. Most people settle in about five years.

Before moving forward and working to define their own, let’s look at an example of a list of personal basic values. HereThere are five common personal basic values \u200b\u200b(along with a brief explanation about what each means):

1. Balance

There are occasions in life when you need to go to a mile per minute, And there are occasions that they call to rest. Someone who values \u200b\u200bthe balance believes in maintaining a healthy balance in all aspects of their life, whether it is the balance of work / life or how to balance the unit and time alone.

2. Discipline

A value of the discipline means that you respect yourself and your time. Establish goals and you stick to them ultimately, someone who values \u200b\u200bdiscipline also values \u200b\u200bthe freedom that such a discipline provides. (If you are someone who fights with discipline, see this article for advice on how to improve your self-discipline).


The family is one of the most common basic values. It is the belief that the family is of great importance andThat time of quality that we spent together creates a significant life.


Freedom means different things for different people. To value freedom could mean that you want to choose your daily schedule, love who you want to love, or to live where you want to live. It could also mean that it assesses financial freedom.


Someone whose list of personal values \u200b\u200bincludes wonder is always dreaming about what is the following, what is possible, and how they can get there. They value wonders They are dreamers who are guided by the idea that there are endless possibilities in life.

How to create your Own Core list values \u200b\u200b

Now, you’re probably ready to board your own list of personal basic values. The good news is that your main values \u200b\u200balready live within you. The bad news is that you need to put in some work (but work is divertiDo!) To discover them. Remember that you are devising a list of basic values \u200b\u200bof what you really value, not what you think you should value.

Here are three easy steps to take to discover their own list of personal values:

1. Brainstorm

Before taking ideas of any other person, start with A brainstorm session. Take a notebook and write the answers to the following questions:

What else do you value? What is the most important thing for you? How is it done (or would like to have done) what is important for you a priority?

2. Select the values \u200b\u200bthat resonate it more with you

After you have done brainstorm, you will probably have discovered some values, or at least what seems the beginnings of a list of values Basic The next step Espara to put those concepts in succinct words. Scan this list of fundamental values \u200b\u200band write down those who most resonateWith you (for now, this can be five or it can be fifty, so it is not possessed).

3. Reduce your list

Finally, take your list and reduce approximately five. It is likely that you have surrounded some values \u200b\u200bthat are similar to others, so choose which one is related to greater and crosses the others from the list. Work your way through your list until you reach a number that feels good (remember, there is no correct number, but do not choose too many or become overwhelmed). This is your list of personal basic values.

Living in alignment with its basic values \u200b\u200b

Therefore, it has identified its main values \u200b\u200band has a list of personal values \u200b\u200bof your account. Now what? While knowing your main values \u200b\u200bis a great start, real work begins when it begins to change your life and live in alignment with those values.

To do this, take a step back and look at the place where you are already livingIn alignment with its fundamental values, where you want to make a change, and how you can establish some new objectives for success. For example, if it values \u200b\u200bfinancial security, do you have a solid financial plan for you? Do you have an emergency fund? Do you have any life insurance in case you are passed to you?

Once it evaluates its current situation through the lens of its personal central value (in our example, financial security), you can see where you should establish some new objectives. If you do not have a robust emergency background, but you would bring you a lot of peace if you did a goal to get you there. By actively aligning your life and objectives with your basic values, you will be on your way to live a more contained life, without stress and cheerful.

Personal basic values \u200b\u200bUnlock a power already within you We all have fundamental values. Most of us simply can not appRarlos because we have not deliberately passed time to discover them. But once it does, and align your actions and objectives with those values, it is like unlocking a secret that has been within all of you.If you want to fulfill your dreams and be successful in all aspects of your life, then tovergo your personal basic values and your useful life according to those values is a guaranteed way to get there.

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