9 financial experts of black women you need to know

Fo Alexander

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As the founder of Mama \u0026 Amp; Money and a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI). My mission is to see women of color, especially moms, earn more money and take debt free lives. The sliding of my own errors and financial experiences, taught women how to do and manage the money to be financially free. Provide products for money management and courses at the start of a profitable online business. You can also get a complete guide for money in My Book Dump debt and AMP; Build Bank: The Dyday Chick money guide. Final Thoughts About Black Female Financial Experts `These women are doing work for greater financial literacy in their communities! Each of these financial experts of black women produces coherent content and VActive to help you improve with your money and achieve your financial objectives.Be sure to review them and take advantage of free resources available here at Clever Girl Finance.

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