8 popular financial experts who are women

Bola Sokunbi

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As I mentioned earlier, after college, I was divided into the creation of financial well-being, saving more than $ 100,000 in 3.5 years. This experience was challenging, but he taught me that I could achieve what I put my mind.

Rapid advance of several years, nowadays I am a certified financial education instructor (CFEI) based in Metro New York. I am also an author, financial expert, speaker, youtuber, podcaster, influential social networks and the founder of the financing of intelligent girls.

Clever Girl Finance is a platform that educates women to make the best financial decisions by themselves. We empower women to pursue their dreams of financial independence so that they can live life in their own terms.

LearnAll about the money of these financial experts

It addresses its debt and becomes a financially successful learning of these incredible financial experts.Motivate to approach your finances listening to podcasts, watching videos and reading of finance books.

Educating in ways to save money, create multiple income streams and learn how to invest are crucial for your financial future. Commission your financial trip with our free financial courses and work!

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